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Meaningful and Confident quotes??

Question by iLoVeNaThAn: Meaningful and Confident quotes??
What are some meaningful and confident quotes? Ex. : If you can dream it you can do it!
Don’t make them to long kinda short but not like super short….
I am 12 so I don’t want some boring weird ones….and not something to meaningful to where I don’t understand….another example is Reach 4 the stars

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Answer by ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥
“I did not inhale”- Bill Clinton

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Confidence Quotes – How to Be Confident (Part 2) – Confidence. How to be confident and to increase your natural confidence through inspiring actions. confidence quotes how to be confident
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Inspirational quotes about confidence, love and dreams http FULL CONFIDENCE: Overcoming Fear with the POWER OF LOVE. In this movie Verónica de Andrés explores the link between love, fear and success. “Verónica can inspire you, because she teaches from the heart” JACK CANFIELD, Founder, Chicken Soup for the…
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what are some good positive confident determined quotes?

Question by : what are some good positive confident determined quotes?
i am looking for quotes like “u say i cant do it and ill prove you wrong” or i do it because i can i can because i want to i want to because you said i cant” or shoot for the moon even if you miss youll land with the stars. i just need something that will show a certain someone that i am good enough to do this and i want to put it up on fb and show how determined i am to get there and to be the best. thanks everyone <333 Best answer:

Answer by Alex
“i aim to Misbehave” Malcolm Reynolds (firefly)

Don’t know it that inspires you to do all you can but it does me 😀

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