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How can I feel more confident around guys?

Question by : How can I feel more confident around guys?
All my friends are so out going and easy to talk to and I get so shy around guys mainly because I get so scared that they are going to think I am weird …all of my friends have confidence and I don’t I want to be more confident but I don’t know how

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Answer by Susan C-2
Stop thinking so much about you. Ask them questions about their life. People love to talk about themselves…

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Why confidence is a perception: How to look more confident even if you don’t feel it

You know those people who look and act confident, like they own the world? It’s all a big act. No one is that sure of themselves. They are just good actors. And you can be too. Because when you look like you are confident, you start to feel it as well.
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How do you feel more confident about yourself?

Question by ~partylikearockstar~: How do you feel more confident about yourself?
I am not completely confident in my self, but I do have some self-confidence. It doesn’t help sometimes when my mom says things about whats wrong with my hair. That makes my confidence level go down. I just wanna know, what are some ways to build my confidence? Please don’t give mean answers, I just want advice, if i wanted people to be an @$ $ to me, i would simply just tick people off. ( I AM NOT SUICIDAL !!!!!SO PLEASE DON’T SAY THAT EITHER)

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Answer by chamberofsecrets102
If you want to build your confidence, you have to start stepping out of your “comfort zone”. Fix your hair different or try a new look or both. Just be yourself. Being confident means being comfortable in your own shoes. Let your personality shine. Love yourself and everyone else will love you too. Good luck!

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